A full week dedicated to gather the entire global Infrastructure value chain

“Infrastructure Quality”


Founder & CEO, EuroBusiness Media

Adrian Dearnell is a bilingual Franco-American financial journalist, formerly a Bloomberg TV and BFM Business Radio anchor. This experience has been the foundation for teaching executives about high-impact presenting. Financial Journalist, Panel Moderator, Media Trainer and Public Speaking Coach, Founding Partner of EuroBusiness Media. With more than 20 years' experience in financial television, Adrian has conducted 3,000 face-to-face interviews with top CEOs, investors, analysts and economists. He also regularly serves as the MC or panel moderator for many high-profile corporate events. Since the founding of EBM in 2002, Adrian has been coaching C-level executives on how to deliver winning investorpresentations, and how to speak to the media. He published two books on these subjects: -L’art des présentations percutantes, ed. Eyrolles 2017 -Le média-training, ed. Eyrolles 2015
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