A full week dedicated to gather the entire global Infrastructure value chain

“Infrastructure Quality”

08:30 > 09:00
Welcome and Registration
09:00 > 09:20
Opening Addresses
  • Odile RENAUD-BASSO, Director-General, Directorate General of the French Treasury
  • Augustin de ROMANET, Chairman & CEO, ADP Group , Chairman, Paris EUROPLACE
09:20 > 09:35
Signing Agreement Ceremony: By Paris Region / Société du Grand Paris / Paris EUROPLACE
09:35 > 09:45
Keynote Address 1
09:45 > 10:45
Plenary Session 1: Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs): Drivers for the Quality Infrastructures

Moderator: Peter THAL LARSEN, EMEA Editor, Reuters Breakingviews

10:45 > 10:55
Keynote Address 2
  • Thierry DEAU, Chief Executive Officer, Meridiam, Chairman, Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)
10:55 > 11:40
Plenary Session 2: Which Regulations to support Sustainable Funding of Infrastructures?

Moderator: Jerôme REBOUL, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Directorate General of the French Treasury

  • Laurent FAYOLLAS, Managing Director, ARDIAN Infrastructure
  • Xavier GIRRE, Group Senior Executive Vice-President, Finance, EDF
  • René KASSIS, Head of Private Debt, La Banque Postale AM, Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, French Asset Management Association (AFG)
  • Mario NAVA, Director for Horizontal Policies in the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission
11:40 > 11:50
Keynote Address 3
11:50 > 12:35
Plenary Session 3: Innovative Financing Solutions to Address the Global Transforming Economies Needs on Infrastructures

Moderator: François BERGERE, Executive Director, Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)

12:35 > 13:45
Buffet Lunch
13:00 > 14:00
LTIIA: General Assembly (members-only session)
13:45 > 14:00
14:00 > 14:45
Plenary Session 4: Digital Infrastructure Investment Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Adrian DEARNELL, Founder & CEO, EuroBusiness Media

14:00 > 14:45
Country Spotlight: Kenya Infrastructure Opportunities

Moderator: Cendrine DELIVRE, Partner, Infrastructure and Projects CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats, Paris

  • Ashwini BHANDARI, Partner, Commercial Department, Daly Inamdar Advocates, Nairobi
  • Lionel EPELY, Global Head of Structured Finance, VINCI Concessions
  • Roy GATHECHA, Associate, Commercial Department, Daly Inamdar Advocates, Nairobi
  • Gregory NESS, Executive Director Project/Export Finance, Africa, STANDARD CHARTERED
14:45 > 15:30
Plenary Session 5: New Drivers of the Energy Transition

Moderator: Christian LOWE, Paris Bureau Chief, Reuters

14:45 > 15:30
Country Spotlight: Croatia Infrastructure Opportunities

Chair :

  • Tomislav MIHOTIC, Secretary of State, Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Republic of Croatia

15:30 > 16:15
Plenary Session 6: Infrastructure Financing: The Way Forward

Moderator: Virginie GRAND, Managing Director, HSBC France

  • France ARNAUD DE TADDEO, Chief Executive Officer, Solmondo
  • Jean BENSAID, Managing Director, FinInfra
  • Thomas INNOCENZI, Head of European Operations, Astris Finance
  • Carlos TERRE, Managing Director, Head of infrastructure Projet finance team, Scope Ratings
15:30 > 16:15
Country Spotlight: Morocco Infrastructure Opportunites

Moderator: Karim ZINE-EDDINE, Director of Research, Paris EUROPLACE

Chair :

16:15 > 17:00
Plenary Session 7: Saudi Arabia Infrastructure Opportunities... G20 Presidency

Moderator: Vincent PIRON, Managing Director, SIF-Source

  • Yaarub F. ALDAGHITHER, International Office Director, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
  • Rakan BIN DOHAISH, Lead the Saudi G20 Infrastructure Working Group, Saudi G20 Finance Track (SAMA)
  • Emmanuel GILLET LAGARDE, Global Head of Infrastructure Finance, Natixis
  • Paddy PADMANATHAN, President & CEO, ACWA Power