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“Infrastructure Quality”


Director of Research, Paris EUROPLACE

Karim ZINE-EDDINE is Director of Research of Paris EUROPLACE, the professional body which supports and promotes the France based financial services industry. Karim has been involved in the development of the Paris financial center since 1998 and then, has participated in the launch of the Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF) and Finance Innovation cluster. He contributed to the achievements of economic and financial works, reports and working papers on the competitiveness of the Paris financial center as well as the developments of the financial services to support the financing of the real economy and businesses. Since 2013, he has been particularly proactive in building relationships with African key financial institutions. He chairs the AfricaFrance financial services cluster and recently, launched the AfricaFinLab which objective is to conduct projects through three action fields: Financing / Innovating / Training. He is graduated from the Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques and the University of Orleans (majoring Economy and Finance)
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